My lens often focuses on stories that capture the beauty within the individual and collective. I regularly appeared on ESPN and MSNBC and also reported TV magazine features. In 2008 I was awarded a PRISM award for best short documentary on my piece about former MLB pitcher Rod Beck’s fatal battle with addiction. 

I was hired by the startup SB Nation (owned by VOX Media) to help lead and launch their first filmmaking and video unit courtesy of a $4-million YouTube grant. While there, I launched a short documentary series, Full Nelson, in which I directed, produced and starred in short cultural films told through the prism of sports.



My lens focuses on stories that emotionally resonate with large, diverse audiences, capturing beauty and strength within the individual and collective...


Are you a brand, a small-business owner, a creative or a notable public figure (or represent one) who wants to tell their story? I consult on how to craft and media manage your story. I specialize in vulnerability, stigma, and stories with depth...

Do you need a writer who can succintly convey your message? My services include ghost writing, copy writing and editing ...


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I have profiled some of the most famous people in the world while also covering social justice, politics, culture, and mental health...

Events & Spaces

Through my mental wellness event production company, Beautiful Bipolar, I curate parties that provide mental health help and healing to thousands through intentionally curated event spaces throughout New Orleans & Martha’s Vineyard. My company’s mission is to destigmatize mental health disorders through a culturally conscious lens...


Available for speaking engagements & panel moderation. Featured speaker at
Harvard Business School,
Columbia School of Journalism,

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